1. Respect:

Treat all guns as though they are loaded - an accident could be fatal.


2. Safe and Sound:

All guns must be in proof and in good order. Do not use a faulty or doubtful gun.


3. Open and Empty:

Carry guns open and empty, semi-autos, bolt back and flagged. Never rely on the safety catch.


4. Correct Cartridges:

Only carry the correct cartridges for the gauge and chamber of the gun you are using. Never mix gauges in you pockets or bag.


5. Barrels Clear:

Check the barrels are free from obstructions before every loading. Check for light.


6. Point - Down the Range:

Keep barrels pointing down range at all times.

Open and empty immediately after firing.


7. Only Shoot Clays:

Only point or shoot at whole targets thrown for you on your command - not other objects, live or inanimate.


8. Misfires:

Keep guns closed for 20 seconds, barrels pointing down range.

Check barrels are clear after a soft or unusual discharge.


9. Do Not Mix:

Alcohol, drugs and horseplay - with guns


10. Remember:

When shooting, you are responsible for the safe

handling of your gun(s) and the behaviour and

safety of your guests, family and animals.


Safety is in the hands of

the Shooter